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Gym teacher: “where are your gym shoes”
Me: image

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do you sometimes wonder why you have weird friends but then you snap and realize that youre as weird as them

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"I’m not where I need to be, but thank god I’m not where I used to be."

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'In a society where all adventure has been destroyed, the only adventure left is to destroy that society.'

I think about this quote pretty often

"I need to make myself strong on the inside instead of what is on the outside. I know all of this, but why can’t I put any of it into action? I guess that’s why I am in this place."

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1. Contrary to popular belief, waking up early isn’t going to drastically alter your life or effect how you’re feeling. So sleep till noon and relish in the way laying in bed all day makes you feel a little more human.

2. Drinking your coffee ‘black’ doesn’t make you cooler or more sophisticated than the rest of us who load in milk and sugar.

3. Being unimpressed by everything makes you look like a twat. Get excited, be overly passionate about something. Enthusiasm is fun.

4. Hating yourself isn’t romantic.

5. Eat whatever you want. your friend’s a vegan? Awesome. Listen to her talk about how great she feels because of it while you tuck in to some chocolate cake. Tell her you feel just as great.


- More Reminders- Charlotte Geier (via impetrate)

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I grow super attached to people so please give me a 60 day warning before I stop existing to you.

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i’m in love with peter pan. 

he also knows about tumblr so he cool

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